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Articles - The award winning Wikipedia Reader

Articles is a beautiful Wikipedia Reader for your
iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Articles makes it easy to read about whatever happens to be on your mind. With the integrated map feature, you can also learn about interesting places and historic events nearby with
a single tap.

Available on the App Store Apple Design Award iPhone Developer Showcase 2010 Winner

Elegant and
intuitive interface.

Articles’ beautiful design presents Wikipedia articles perfectly optimized for reading on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Read Later!

Too many articles to read right now? Just tap and hold on an article link and select “Read Later” to save it to your queue.

Each article saved to your Read Later queue includes a short descriptive blurb to help you remember why you wanted to read it.

Find nearby entries.

Use the “Nearby” bookmark item to see interesting places and historic events near your current location.

If you want to learn about somewhere farther afield, it’s as simple as finding it on the map.

Quick Navigation.

Easily navigate an article’s table of contents or see it in a different language by tapping the Navigation button in the search bar.

To skim the sections of an article, just double-tap and hold anywhere in the article, then swipe up or down.

Customizable Toolbar.

Tap and hold any toolbar item to customize the toolbar layout, so you can switch languages or see the Table of Contents with a single tap.

Find text on pages

Tap the search button in the search bar to find specific words or phrases within even the longest articles.


Tap the action button and choose “Add Bookmark” to save and organize articles that you refer to often.

Recent Items

Your recent article history is just a tap away—and easily cleared if there’s something in it you’d rather not share.

Quick Lookup

Search the title and content of every Wikipedia article in a heartbeat by tapping the search bar.


Found an interesting image? Tap it to get a closer look or save it to your phone.

Orientation Lock

Pull down and release an article to make sure that your reading isn’t interrupted by over-sensitive orientation changes.