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Groceries is the quickest way to compose shopping lists on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Available on the App Store

Smart Data Detectors

Just start typing – Groceries will instantly suggest the items you are looking for, and even detect amounts and units.

  • 1 Products
  • 2 Quantity
  • 3 Unit

Share Lists over Email

Send shopping list files over email for import on another device.

Beautiful and fun to use interface.

Groceries uses a beautiful grocery list interface that lets you see at a glance exactly what you need.

Keep track of recent items

Easily add groceries you’ve purchased before to your current shopping list.

Copy and Move items

Quickly move items to the right aisle or move or copy them from one shopping list to another.

Customize Aisles

Use aisles to arrange your grocery list to match your grocery store. If the built-in aisles don’t match up, create and customize your own.