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Tipulator - The Fun Tip Calculator

Tipulator lets you easily calculate restaurant tips and split the bill on your
iPhone and iPod touch.

After a night on the town with friends, the last thing you want to do is mental math. Tipulator handles it for you with grace and style, letting you focus on what’s important: enjoying the food and company.

Available on the App Store

Take the guesswork out of restaurant tipping.

Just enter the check total and a tip percentage, and let Tipulator do the rest.

Tipulator even provides reminders of appropriate tip percentages for different levels of service.

Select from various rounding options.

Round the tip up or down to the nearest single for the waiter’s convenience or round the total up or down to the nearest fiver for yours.

You can also make the total a palindrome to help prevent waiter fraud.

Split the check among friends.

Once your total is settled, just choose the number of people who are splitting the check. Tipulator does the rest.

Tipulator always uses the appropriate currency for your region, so it works wherever you live.